ZTE Wins Largest Share of China Telecom 2012 CDMA Purchase Project

­ZTE has won a contract worth US$281.5 million for the largest share in China Telecom’s 2012 CDMA Purchase Project. During the project, ZTE will provide its Uni-Ran solution and relevant services in over 220 cities of 27 provinces across China. The Uni-Ran solution comprises a series of products based on SDR technology.

Through this project, ZTE says that it will gain a cumulative share of 43.5 percent of China Telecom’s CDMA network.

“We’re very pleased to join hands with China Telecom to promote healthy development of the CDMA field,” said ZTE Vice President Fan Xiaobing. “ZTE’s Uni-Ran solution will enhance network services and compliment China Telecom’s operations, filling the network evolution needs.”
According to a report released by consulting firm IDC, ZTE remained the world’s No. 1 CDMA supplier at the end of 2011 with of 32.6 per cent worldwide market share.

Source: Cellular-News

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