ZTE Helps China Telecom Complete Commercial IPv6 Test on 4G Network

ZTE has served as a supplier to China Telecom during recent testing for IPv6 capabilities on its mobile network in Hunan province, a key milestone in China Telecom’s plans for future LTE deployment.

The week-long test involved trial users and covered IPv4/IPv6 single- and dual-stack services, billing systems and back end IT infrastructure systems, demonstrating China Telecom’s 4G LTE network to be IPv6-ready.

Becoming IPv6-ready is a key part of China Telecom’s plans for wider 4G LTE network deployments.

Since April, ZTE engineers have been collaborating with China Telecom to prepare for the IPv6 commercial test, developing test scenarios and solutions. ZTE also helped China Telecom to overcome complex engineering challenges including the large number of network interfaces and wide network coverage areas, while ensuring existing services on the live 4G LTE network are not disrupted.

This successful IPv6 test fully verified the IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack capabilities of China Telecom’s 4G LTE network in Hunan.

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