ZONG Time Pey with Askari Bank Collaboration

After other telecom sector collaboration with banking sector like mobi-cash now zong step in, askari bank collaborated with zong in order to launch new banking and financial services called as “TIME PeY”.

The three main services offered include Utility Bills’ Payment, Mobile Account and Funds Transfer. Now anyone can pay the utility bills at their convenience. The mobile account lets you enjoy a host of services through your mobile phone that also includes funds transfer. The facility to send or receive money through Timepey shops, franchises and customer services centers is also available. Timepey is most reliable as it is a service from Zong, the fastest growing cellular network in Pakistan backed by Askari Bank Limited.

Payment and utility transaction done by the machine POS.

No extra charges for the utility bills,and other charges are comparatively low in the market.services offered by Time-PEY include:
[list style=”unordered” type=”type4″] Fund Transfer
Utility Bill Payment
Cash Deposit to Timepey Account
Cash Withdrawal from Timepey Account
Salary Disbursement
Mobile Balance Top Up



Simply receive and send money by CNIC

Not just for Zong Customer but other networks can also avail this service.no paper work is required,An instant SMS message will be sent to both the Sender and the Receiver on sending or receiving money. Sending and Receiving can be done from thousands of Timepey shops all over Pakistan.

for charges:

To Send Money to Account Holder

Through this service any person with a valid CNIC can send money to a Timepey Account holder. The sender will need to the agent location for this service and provide the Timepey account number that is the receiver’s mobile number.

How to open an account:

having valid CNIC and ZONG sim is requirement to open an account.
Timepey Account can be opened at any Zong Franchise, Customer Service Center or Askari Bank Branch.


[list style=”unordered” type=”type3″] You can access your Timepey Account anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone
Any ZONG current or new customer can open a Timepey Account
No previous Bank Account is needed, anyone with a ZONG SIM can use this service
Customers can send money to any person with a valid CNIC or to any other Timepey Mobile Account
Utility bills can be instantly paid from an Timepey Mobile Account
Cash Deposit into a Mobile Account or Cash Withdrawal from any Mobile Account can be done at Timepey agent locations across Pakistan.
Secure Transactions and system generated receipt for all transactions done via the agent locations.
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