Zong Rolls Out ‘Super 3G’ in the Islamabad

Pakistan’s only 3G and 4G LTE telecom service provider launches Zong ‘Super 3G’ services to power up Islamabad

 Zong, a China mobile company and Pakistan’s fastest growing telecom network announced the launch of its exciting ‘Super 3G’ service for consumers in Islamabad at a press conference. Previously, Zong had rolled out the ‘Super 3G’ service to its customers in Karachi and Lahore. ‘Super 3G’ will help consumers experience extremely fast internet, through which they will be able to stream songs and videos within minutes.  It will offer best in class technology HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) providing maximum speeds of up to 42 Mbps (twice as fast as normal 3G available in Pakistan).

Speaking about the launch of the ‘Super 3G’ service in Islamabad, Dr. Zhao Peng, CCO, Zong said,

We are enthusiastic about launching the service in Islamabad as a part of our first phase of the ‘Super 3G’ roll-out. The twin cities are integral to Zong’s plans as they have one of the highest concentrated percentage of tech-savvy users in the country, thus our customers in Rawalpindi will experience this service in the coming days as well. ‘Super 3G’ shall offer speeds of up to 42 Mbps to these users through which they can fully experience and utilize the internet on their smartphones. Also, based on Free User Trials (FUT), advanced technology and services will be deployed to cater to the specific needs of the consumers, for a better and more personalized experience.

He further added, “The initial launch targeted Karachi and Lahore, and the excellent feedback we have gotten from our Super 3G users from there shows that our service is just another example of our commitment towards providing the best data solutions to our customers. Also, this is just the beginning of our 1st roll out phase, we shall soon announce service starts in various other metros and towns of Pakistan followed by the much awaited service start of the Zong 4G in the coming months”.

Being a part of the world’s largest 3G and 4G network, Zong CMPak is the 1st and only Super 3G and 4G LTE service provider in Pakistan, and has the fastest growth in subscriber base in the industry which is why in just a short period it has managed to take over the 3rd position in the industry. The company is now geared to provide the benefits of Super 3G connectivity across Pakistan to make a greater difference in the industry as a leading telecom player. 


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