Zimbabwe Sets Revenue Target for LTE Spectrum Auction

Zimbabwe’s government is looking to auction off 4G licenses later this year, with the aim of raising at least USD 173 million from the mobile networks. It has set the target to be raised as the cost of the digital migration programme which will see the spectrum released by the television broadcasters. That project is due to be completed by next June.

The government’s Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said that raising the USD 173 million cost of the digital migration was “not difficult” if the government auctioned off the spectrum to the mobile networks.

The mobile networks are already testing LTE based services, and Econet Wireless ran a small test network for a UN Conference held last year on the border with Zambia.

At the time, the company’s CEO said that work is already in progress to launch 4G in the major cities, including Harare.

Rival network, NetOne has also signed a network upgrade contract with Huawei, which also aims to build LTE cell towers.

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