You Can Now Unlock Your WhatsApp With TouchID or FaceID

The very well renowned Facebook-owned chat service App WhatsApp has recently updated its iOS app with the support for bio-metric authentication. This will allow users to ‘lock’ the app with Face ID or Touch ID. Although the feature does not work on a per chat basis, enabling the feature does add an extra layer of security to your private WhatsApp conversations. You Can Now Unlock Your WhatsApp With TouchID or FaceID.

WhatsApp updated with ability to lock app behind Touch ID or Face ID

Though users will still be able to view WhatsApp notifications (should they choose to display message previews) and quick reply within iOS, the full app won’t be able to be accessed unless the standard iOS authentication process is successful.

Regular calls and video calls can also be received without logging in, so you’ll have to watch out for that.

For now, the feature has only been made available for iOS users, however, reports say that fingerprint and face unlock option will also make its way to WhatsApp’s Android version very soon.


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