Yahsat to Launch Wi-Fi Enterprise Solution

UAE based satellite operator, Yahsat has declared the launch of YahClick Wi-Fi Enterprise Solution. Yahsat to Launch Wi-Fi Enterprise Solution

The satellite operator started this launch in partnership with Italian Wi-Fi cloud management software provider Tanaza.

This is a cost-effective, high-speed, and reliable Wi-Fi solution that is eastablished to address the connectivity requirements of enterprises, NGOs, governments, and communities across Africa, the Middle East and Central and South West Asia.

Yahsat to Launch Wi-Fi Enterprise Solution

Farhad Khan, Yahsat’s chief commercial officer, said:

In our fast-paced, always-on world, it is crucial that organizations of all kinds perform at peak productivity and therefore receive uninterrupted, high-speed internet connectivity.

He further added that:

Many of the public and private-sector organizations we serve operate in the remotest parts of the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South West Asia, where high-performance internet connectivity is not readily available. With the launch of YahClick Wi-Fi Enterprise Solution, we look forward to supporting even more users.

Sebastiano Bertani, Tanaza CEO, said:

We’ree excited to see Yahsat using our software to deploy cost-effective high-speed wi-fi hotspots.

Sebastiano said:

And we love the idea of contributing to a better world by serving public and private organizations in remote areas with our wi-fi cloud management platform. This distribution agreement will create a wide range of new opportunities for socioeconomic development across multiple continents.

The solutions has feature of multi-user management platform. It has seamless access for the end user. The solution also promises to drive sustainable socioeconomic development by providing reliable high-speed connectivity.

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