xpWallet introduces mobile wallet services

xpWallet, the emerging leader in the space of mobile financial services and mobile wallet payment solutions, has introduced a new product ‘USSD Survey’offering, enabling companies to conduct surveys through a mobile phone without having to send text messages.

The company describes it as “first-of-its-kind USSD based mobile-survey product”.

xpWallet is offering an innovative mobile phone-based solution that does not rely on the traditional text SMS to send messages, but rather on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). USSD is a global phone standard supported by all phones and all networks, and does not require the consumers to have a WAP-enabled or a smart phone. In addition, USSD is more cost effective than traditional text SMS and offers greater scope for direct one-to-one interaction.

The new mWallet Enterprise Suite app will allow operators to bring maximum sales and profit.
The product has been designed for a smart mCommerce ecosystem featuring 
[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] Promotion Engine which transforms the existing system to relevant marketing campaigns,
My deal which offers the best retail shopping discount to end users,
Mobile Pay Parking which drives the subscriber base and non-subscriber base to use mWallet services for Coinless pay parking solution,
Merchant Payments which is fast, secure and convenient to bring total customer satisfaction,
Bill Pay which is easy, to receive, pay and track utility bills with control and flexibility,

Rohtas Chhabra, VP Products said:

[quote]We are offering the new mobile-survey product on USSD. We are finding that this is a better way to communicate than text SMS.[/quote] xpWallet’s product range consists of Core Mobile Money platform, mWallet Enterprise Suite and Xpert Analytics Engine; including the Promotion Engine, My Deal, Pay Parking, Merchant Payments, Bill Pay and NFC Payments.

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