Workz to Bring New M2M eSIM Services

Workz to Bring New M2M eSIM Services

Workz Group has partnered with Arm SIM solutions provider to deliver Arm Kigen products in its M2M SIM and eSIM solutions worldwide. Workz to Bring New M2M eSIM Services

Furthermore, both the companies agree that the eSIM will be critical in accelerating the market enhancement of both consumers.

Workz to Bring New M2M eSIM Services

Brad Taylor, Workz’ co-CEO said:

We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings. Workz customers will benefit from the end-to-end solution which combines our industry expertise with Arm technology, offering our clients complete control over the lifecycle of eSIM-enabled devices. This, in combination with the longer deployment lifespan, lower device cost, higher scalability and flexibility to address global markets with local provisioning, will help Workz customers to derive real business value from their connected devices.

Furthermore, Future customers will also receive a double assurance in the quality of the new offering. The Kigen remote provisioning solution has been accredited by the GSMA. Workz Group is only the sixth producer in the world to presently convey the GSMA SAS-UP prolonged for eUICC and EUM accreditations.

Vincent Korstanje, vice president and general manager of Secure Identity Business, Arm commented:

As we look towards our vision of a trillion connected devices by 2035, unlocking the potential of cellular IoT is a key priority.

Vincent further added that:

Collaborating with partners like Workz, whose philosophy and approach to the evolution of eSIM and iSIM aligns with ours, is essential. With these partnerships, and the recent milestone of our own GSMA accreditation, we can bring the benefits of the Kigen product family to a broader audience, accelerating the development of secure IoT devices at scale.

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