Windows Phone 8 users report random reboots, poor battery life

Consumers are complaining about the Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 8 is here and it’s been here for a couple of weeks now. This means that users have had some time to really dive deeper into the ecosystem, and as that is happening complaints are mounting that Microsoft’s platform reboots randomly and a lot of folks are having battery issues.

the most common complaint revived is that the system would randomly freeze and reboot. The frequency of those reboots varies, but some users complain it happens once nearly every day. Devices would also freeze randomly.

The issues are mostly reported on the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920, so it seems that we are not dealing with problems with a particular handset, but rather with the platform.

The other grievance is about a quickly draining battery. Now, it’s interesting to hear from you, our users, whether you have experienced any of those issues on your Windows Phone 8 device? We’ll keep an eye about a possible solution, and let you know when Microsoft patches this.
Threads on the WPCentral site and the Microsoft and Nokia support forums all feature a litany of complaints from owners of the handsets, which went on sale at the beginning of the month.

Bricked Lumia

Lumia 920 users are also complaining of poor battery life and some attempts to remedy that with a factory reset have simply ‘bricked’ the device, leaving it stuck on a Nokia splash screen.

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