WhatsApp’s New Restrictions Aim to Minimize Fake News

Due to a widespread use of Whatsapp Messenger there has been a problem caused by the mischief mongers who spread fake news widely due to no checks on the Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp has now started looking for ways to minimize the fake news and propaganda by introducing a new restriction that only allows one to forward a message to 5 different people at a time, down from 20 before the update. WhatsApp’s New Restrictions Aim to Minimize Fake News.

WhatsApp’s New Restrictions Aim to Minimize Fake News

There have been a number of instances, including rumours of the new currency notes featuring a GPS chip and videos related to Muzaffarnagar riots, that were circulated and shared virally on WhatsApp as many took them to be true. this caused mobs to come out to the streets.

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WhatsApp New Update will Come With a Restriction Which will Aim to Stop Fake News and Propaganda. As many of us would know that fake news is growing in to a much larger concern as time flies on. Even after initiatives taken up by the various governments all over the globe and with people protesting on social media websites against these fake news messages, fake news manages to get to you no matter what anyone does to stop it, be it the government of a particular country or the developers of a particular social media oriented website or application.

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