Whatsapp Upgrade to Offer Major Changes

New Whatsapp upgrade to offer some major changes this time. With the newest update user will finally be able to use the application on multiple platforms including phones and tablets.

The latest version will transform the popular messaging app into truly multi platform app that will allow users to seamlessly switch between various different devices.

Whatsapp Upgrade to Offer Major Changes

Until now, users can only link single device to one Whatsapp number, if the users install and activate their account on new device, the account on previous device automatically closes down.
The latest rumor comes courtesy of WaBetaInfo, who claim the new capabilities are currently under development.
The site states:

“the new WhatsApp upgrade is also improving their end-to-end encryption, because probably something needs to be changed, [as] the messages must be sent to more devices,”
“Note that this is also the reason why WhatsApp for iPad was not released yet, even though it’s ready.”
Besides this major update other features include pinned alerts for issues, as well as the removal of a shortcut that allows users to save and export the profile picture of their contacts.

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