WhatsApp for iPhone Now Brings a New Group Calling Button in its Latest Update

WhatsApp to Roll Out New Silent and Vacation Mode Features

WhatsApp, which every now and then keeps introducing different features to facilitate its users, is reportedly rolling out three different features – Silent Mode, Vacation Mode and Linked Accounts. New WhatsApp vacation and silent modes have attracted the Whatsapp users who are excited for its soon to be launch. WhatsApp to Roll Out New Silent and Vacation Mode Features.

New WhatsApp Silent and Vacation mode Features

Making the app more user-friendly, social media platform WhatsApp is reportedly testing three new features for Android and iOS. The report provided by WABetaInfo, suggests that the app will launch ‘Silent Mode’, ‘Vacation Mode’, and an option to link Instagram and WhatsApp accounts. Whatsapp vacation mode makes it more user friendly and easy for the users.

The Silent Mode will hide the notification badges – indication of number of unread messages – on the app icon of muted chats of Android users. The app icon will no longer show the unread messages on a muted chat. Since the feature will be enabled by default, there won’t be any need to specifically turn the feature on through Settings. Whatsapp Silent mode allows the users to mute the unwanted chats and easily avoid them without being bothered.

According to reports, WhatsApp Silent Mode had already made the feature available on many Android devices, however, the availability for iOS users is not yet known, wrote Phone World.

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Secondly, WhatsApp Vacation Mode, which is under testing, will be based on the Silent Mode. When the Silent Mode is enabled, Vacation Mode will prevent muted archived group or individual chats from becoming active again even when any new message has been received. Once released, the option will be available through Settings.

The third in line feature is the WhatsApp Linked Account Option. This feature will reportedly allow users to link their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts together. This might prove handy for users if they want to recover their Facebook/Instagram account via WhatsApp, and also might be used for cross-posting across different platforms. Once rolled out, the feature will be available in the Profile Settings in WhatsApp.

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