WhatsApp to Bring Picture-in-Picture Feature Soon

WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature to Android that is picture-in-picture feature. WhatsApp to Bring Picture-in-Picture Feature Soon

By using this new feature, users will be able to watch YouTube and Instagram videos while browsing through their chats.

WhatsApp to Bring Picture-in-Picture Feature Soon

According to a report, the feature is available in the beta version 2.18.234 of the messaging app. The same report said that the new feature is now under progress and has not been rolled out for beta testers yet. It is not sure when this feature will be made available but it will not work with Instagram stories

According to another report, it needs to be settled more before it can be started. The PiP mode will let users to view YouTube and Instagram videos within WhatsApp.

Anyone can view a YouTube or Instagram link within WhatsApp. Clicking the link will open a small bubble in the chat window, which will play your video.

The video will keep playing till the time you are on WhatsApp. It will come with play/pause, full screen and close buttons. The size of the bubble can also be increased and it can be moved around the screen as well.

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