Warid Launches ‘SIM Wapis Lagao’ Offer

3000 free minutes/SMSs/MB’s of Mobile internet

Warid Telecom has launched its SIM Wapis Lagao offer.  Keeping in mind the demands of its loyal subscribers, this offer will enable Warid customers to avail a total of 3000 free on-net minutes, local SMSs, and MBs of mobile internet per month. All Warid customers who have not used their SIMs for at least 30 days can benefit from this offer by reactivating their SIMs and having it biometrically verified.

Users will get these rewards upfront upon calling 3733. In addition to this, upon recharging 10 rupees or more, Warid subscribers will get free minutes for all local networks, 100 local SMSs, and 100MB free mobile internet.

This offer will allow Warid subscribers to reconnect with friends at the most affordable rates.


Upfront Benefits (upon reactivation of unused SIMs):

i) 100 on-net minutes daily

ii) 100 local SMSs daily

iii) 100 MBs daily

Upon recharge of Rs.10 or more:

i) 80% on-net and 20% off-net minutes*

ii) 100 local SMSs

iii) 100 MBs mobile internet

*Fair usage policy of 185 min apply 

How to activate: 

– Call on 3733 to activate this offer

The “SIM Wapis Lagao” offer shows Warid’s persistent commitment to giving back to their customers alongside affordability.

Terms & Conditions:

i) Subscribers who have not used their SIM for last 30 days or more are eligible for this offer

ii) All benefits are applicable only for those subscribers who have verified their SIM via biometric verification

iii) In case of package change free resources will not be carried forward

iv) All free resources are valid for one day

v) Unused free resources will expire after validity period

vi) Standard call setup charges apply

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