Warid joins White Ribbon Campaign to step Up against Women Voilence

Tuesday, December 04, 2012 – Karachi—Warid Telecom this year again joined hands with White Ribbon campaign which is aimed at spreading the message to end violence against women and girls in all its forms.

Basically to aware Men of society against the violence and rights of women in society.because being dominant aspect of society men are performing different roles like husband,father,brother so they should know how to treat well with women.it will help in reshaping society in positive way.

Warid will continue to aware people like their customers by Sms.Warid Telecom marked the day by pledging while the company also broadcasted awareness SMS toits subscribers and spread the message on its social mediums and company website.
While Warid telecom ,CEO of WRCP Mr Omer Aftab said that:
[quote]that the involvement of Warid, its employees and their overall contribution and support helped spreading the message at a wider level[/quote]

Mr Omer mentioned that:

as per the Social Institutions and Gender Index 2012, Pakistan is ranked 55th out of 86 in the list of countries violating social norms and rights concerning women.

The country was ranked 94th out of 102 in the Gender Inequality Index, 2009 however this year its ranking has dropped to an alarming rate. Pakistan ranks lowest in the South Asian region in terms of GDP per capita for women.

Right to education, discriminatory family codes, restricted physical integrity, son bias, restricted resources and civil liberties are some common forms of biases against women that need serious consideration.

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