Warid Glow Introduces Latest Unlimited Offer

Warid Glow is announcing the launch of its latest product for all Warid Glow customers. The Glow Dosti Unlimited offer includes data and call bundles to suit a number of needs. With the Friends and Family Offer consumers can make unlimited call to friends and family after choosing 10 numbers. In addition, customers can choose between three data bundles, varying from daily to monthly and with quantity ranging from 500 MB to 2 GB per month as well as the daily unlimited data bundle that also allows users unlimited data usage and browsing per day.

Speaking about the product, Sadaf Zarrar, Warid’s Head of Marketing, said:

“We are attempting to revolutionise the data and data transfer sector in the Pakistani telecoms industry. We hope to provide consumers with the ability to access all kinds of data instantaneously as we progress to an increasingly interconnected digital society. “

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