VoLTE Testing Will Be Key to Service Rollouts

Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) is predicted to grow tremendously through 2016, making it imperative for operators to test the new service at all layers to ensure quality of service (QoS), according to the latest report from Heavy Reading.

“Mobile networks with high demand from heavy users are looking to solidly embrace VoLTE technology,” says Denise Culver, research analyst with Heavy Reading Insider and author of the report.

Demand is mainly being driven by customer requirement for both voice and data and the operator’s ability to provide this with LTE services.”

It’s important for operators to test VoLTE at various layer levels to ensure the QoS prioritization of the voice element is accurate, Culver says.

“The increasing capacity requirement on the management layer, plus the addition of applications, means QoS optimization for VoLTE is a two-dimensional challenge in which both layers need attention,” she continues. “As mobile carriers continue to build out their VoLTE network, the importance of testing each level of those networks to ensure the highest level of quality will become a valuable instrument in distinguishing themselves in the competitive marketplace.”

Other findings include:

 Voice and SMS still represent approximately 70 percent of all global wireless revenues.
 The success of VoLTE will depend on how comparable the voice quality and reliability are when compared to existing circuit-switched services.
 Metrics on QoS for VoLTE will be critical for it to be measured and deployed.
 VoLTE has become a medium-term ambition for many operators, as they’re still rolling out IMS capability in their networks.
 As countries converge core networks and replace 2G networks, VoLTE will grow, thus spurring more growth in testing.
 Testing of fallback solutions and assisting with trial launches will occur, along with a need to test between multiple technologies.

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