Vodafone Uses Femtocells to Boost Rural 3G Coverage

UK based Vodafone has expanded its ‘community-led network’ initiative, and is deploying femtocells in Pendine, a coastal village in South Wales to provide 3G coverage throughout the community, where before there was little or none.

The ‘open femto’ technology provides a Vodafone 3G signal in areas which traditional mobile coverage has been unable to reach. The units, about the size of a small carry on suitcase, use existing broadband services to deliver a 3G mobile signal. They have been placed in a number of locations across the village to give a good spread of coverage, including the Post Office and a restaurant.

Simon Hart, MP commented: “There are genuine advantages for rural communities from having mobile connectivity and I hope that projects like this from Vodafone will be able to address those areas that are currently lacking this essential service.”

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