Vodafone UK Completes Lab Test of VoLTE

British mobile network operator Vodafone UK has confirmed successful tests of voice-over-Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) technology at its specialist laboratory in Newbury. In the wake of the trials, the cellco has said that future development of VoLTE will lead to a number of benefits, including: increased voice call quality and performance; the ability to receive calls and use data seamlessly and simultaneously; high-quality video calling; and a faster call set-up time. Vodafone UK has said it will now continue and develop VoLTE services as it works towards a commercial launch ‘in the future’.

Commenting on the trials, Vodafone UK’s chief technical officer Fergal Kelly said:

“We’ve been continually developing and investing heavily in our UK network since it launched nearly 30 years ago. Our trial of VoLTE, less than a year after the launch of our 4G network, is the next major innovation, and is hugely important as we continue our work to build the UK’s best network.”

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