Vodafone Enhances 4G Mobile Broadband Offer in Australia

Vodafone Australia has introduced a prepaid 4G mobile broadband package on a new range of mobile broadband (MBB) wireless internet packs, recharges and devices. The operator has also increased the data allowances across its postpaid MBB and tablet plans. Vodafone’s new range of MBB and tablet plans also features an Automated AUD 10 Data Top-Up option. The Vodafone postpaid mobile broadband offering and tablet range includes five plans starting at AUD 20 per month for 2.5 GB of data, up to AUD 90 per month for a 25GB of data. Vodafone’s prepaid mobile broadband 4G offering includes eight price points, starting at AUD 10 for 300MB of data with a 30-day expiry, to AUD 200 for 22GB of data with a 365-day expiry.

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