Vodafone Demonstrates LTE-Advanced Services in New Zealand

Vodafone New Zealand has held a series of public demonstrations of LTE-Advanced services, using equipment supplied by Nokia Siemens Networks.

LTE Advanced delivers peak download speeds up to 300Mb/s by combining blocks of spectrum such as 700MHz and 1800HMz. This is twice as fast as Vodafone’s current 4G network.

Vodafone Head of Networks Tony Baird says these future mobile network technologies offer exciting possibilities for consumers and businesses alike.

“Together with our partner Nokia Siemens Networks we are also looking at what future mobile networks look like and that’s all about even faster speeds, better voice quality and enhanced content delivery. Demonstrating these innovations today means we will be ready for the next evolution of our network.”

LTE is already live in parts of Auckland, will be live in parts of Christchurch from 29 May, Wellington in August/September and 15 other cities by Christmas.

More than 60,000 customers have signed up for the LTE service since it was launched in February this year.


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