Vodafone CR Begins LTE Trial in Karlovy Vary

Vodafone’s Czech mobile unit has announced the launch of its first trial launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services in the city of Karlovy Vary. In a press release, the carrier says that the trial involves LTE technology installed in 20 base stations in the city and surrounding area of the spa town, covering about 44,000 inhabitants. Initially only a test of 4G, the company hopes to begin full-blown commercial operations in the summer. ‘For the construction of the network we have used already allocated frequencies in the 1800MHz band,’ says Tanja Richter, vice president of technology, Vodafone, adding: ‘Specifically [the network uses the] 2×10MHz and 2×15MHz [frequency bands and will be capable of delivering] theoretical data transfer rates up to 100Mbps.’


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