Vivacell-MTS Announces Latest Details Of 2G, 3G Network Rollouts

VivaCell-MTS has announced that between January and December this year, it successfully deployed 186 new 3G base transceiver stations (BTS) and 77 2G BTS across the country’s 263 administrative provinces. Under the expansion drive, the cellco says that its 2G network is being actively upgraded to improve voice calls services, while its 3G infrastructure is benefiting in terms of data capability and capacity improvement. Further, VivaCell-MTS notes that by the end of this year, an additional 90 2G and 3G BTS will be installed in its network, although it has not provided a split by technology.

In a press release the carrier said: ‘Continuous modernization of the network and capacity improvement is a priority for VivaCell-MTS as the availability of communication infrastructure is both a social and security issue. As a responsible operator, VivaCell-MTS is determined to provide with mobile voice and internet services even the most remote areas with small population and potential consumption of services.’

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