Viva Bahrain to Introduce New Digital Services

Viva Bahrain to Introduce New Digital Services

Bahrain telecom operator Viva has announced new digital services such as self service machine (SSM) and a smart queue management service. The basic purpose behind introducing theses new services is to improve customer experience. Viva Bahrain to Introduce New Digital Services

The new Viva self service machine (SSM) introduced at all Viva’s outlet to enhance its digital service portfolio. With the help of this digital service, all the Viva’s customers can access all the specialized services without separately log in. By using this machine, customers have also the opportunity to make payment and can purchase add on, prepaid vouchers, international credit transfer and much more.

Viva Bahrain to Introduce New Digital Services

An other new digital service is Smart Queue Management service that is also installed at all the Viva’s outlet. Through this services, customers can buy priority queue tickets from any outlet. This will allow customers to join  queue ahead of their arrival. With the help of this management queue service, customers becomes updated of their arrival time to reach the branch. Additionally, it will also allow customers to update their status.

Viva Bahrain CEO Ulaiyan Al Wetaid said:

Keeping up with technological changes and adhering to evolving customers  requirements is a top priority for us at Viva, enabling us to introduce digital services at Viva that are fast, easy to use and accessible 24/7.

The telecom operator also updated its app to improve its navigation design and additional Manu features.

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