Verizon CEO: 2020 Should be the Big Year for 5G

In an interview Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg has announced that by 2020 half of the USA will have 5G. He said that Verizon has been testing 5G for quite some time now and has been quite successful in achieving its desired results.

Verizon CEO: 2020 Should be the Big Year for 5G

Hans Vestberg said that next year will be a big one for 5G. Currently, Verizon has 5G live in nine cities and it has further announced four more 5 G cities. Its 5G is live over its high-frequency millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum. It is the same technology that rivals AT&T and T-Mobile are using for their first 5G cities.

Verizon rivals, AT&T and T-Mobile have already announced their nationwide 5G plans for next year. Although their plan is a bit different from the one Verizon have. They plan to do so with a combination of wider-ranging — but slower — low band and mid band spectrum in addition to the faster, higher-frequency millimeter wave.

In his interview the CEO Hans Vestberg didn’t clear what he meant by 50% 5G coverage in USA by next year, either it will be Verizon’s mmWave 5G or if the company would be using other bands of spectrum. But according to the company statement the 5G coverage will be across all three flavors including low, mid and millimeter-wave — for its network.

Verizon is an international mobile operators that plans to cover over 30 markets this year with its speedy millimeter-wave 5G.

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