UZTE to Expand Smartphones Assortment

An Uzbek-Chinese joint venture, Pengzhong Xingsheng, which launched production of three models of smartphones under UZTE brand, is planning to expand assortment of its products, Liu Xiao Dong, director general of Pengzhong Xingsheng, said at the ICT Expo 2013 exhibition.

Liu Xiao Dong said that currently UZTE produces three models of smartphones of various price segments – Grand V (V790), Grand M (V889M) and Grand X (V970). He said that the venture is planning to expand production of demanded models with improved functionality.

The company is sure that new smartphones will be popular among consumers thanks to high quality and affordable prices despite UZTE brand is relatively new.

Liu Xiao Dong underlined that quality of UZTE smartphones is guaranteed with multi-level quality control system – from selections of spare parts, inspection of quality at all levels of production and testing in final stage. He added that the devices were developed in line with international standards and with advanced technologies.


Timur Mamatkhodjaev, head of technical-commercial department of ZTE in Uzbekistan, said:

We consider market of Uzbekistan as very perspective. Out company focuses mainly on large mobile and fixed operators, but we also have directions, oriented to final consumers.”

If there were about 10 employees at the ZTE office in Uzbekistan, now their number exceeds 100 people. ZTE offices operate in Tashkent and many regions of Uzbekistan.

Timur Mamatkhodjaev said that ZTE opened several joint enterprises in Uzbekistan. He said for example, the venture with Uzbektelecom produces broadband subscriber devices such as ADSL-modems, Home Gateways, STB-boxes for IPTV. Number of broadband users is increasing, so potential of the direction is very high, he added.

Mamatkhodjaev said that ZTE produces wide-range of products – systems for fixed and mobile communication, transport telecommunication systems, power supply systems for telecommunication operators and others. He said that ZTE produces also subscribers’ equipment for broadband internet both on copper and optic-fibre cables.

He underlined that ZTE is one of the leading companies of China on scientific-research patents and developments. The company has 15 scientific-research institutes worldwide. About 11-12 of annual income directed to development of new technologies. This contributes to ensure that the company in peak of technologic progress in telecommunication. Serves based on modern researches are turned to commercial products and become available for clients. Thanks to this, the assortment of products is updated regularly, he said.

Source: uzdaily

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