UZMOBILE Subscribers Exceeded 1 Million

UZMOBILE Subscribers Exceeded 1 Million

The total Number of mobile subscribers at UZMOBILE has exceeded 1 Million. Vladimir Kravchenko, Director of Operator, revealed  that the telecom giant of Tashkent is excelling quickly, providing best services to its customers. UZMOBILE Subscribers Exceeded 1 Million .

UZMOBILE, a national mobile operator, is very capable at providing mobile communications services in CDMA450 and GSM standards. These services are provided to its valuable customers since one year.

UZMOBILE Subscribers Exceeded 1 Million

Kravchenko told that since 2015, UZMOBILE has installed over 1,200 base stations of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE in Uzbekistan. In 2017, the company has plans to incorporate 1,500 base stations.

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He shared his success story and further told that almost 600 dealers are working in Uzbekistan currently. UZMOBILE plans to grow its business by providing quality services to its customers. Tashkent based UZMOBILE wants to grow number of dealers to improve service.

The telecom giant has procured mobile laboratory for measuring and testing the quality of CDMA450 and GSM network service. Valdimir also noted that UZMOBILE is working in new projects which includes the launch of new services for subscribers.

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