Uzbekistan -My. Celebrated Anniversary

A successful anniversary has been completed by the single interactive state services yesterday. Almost 500 organizations, local administrations and economic bodies were linked to the portal. The company launched 200 helpful services among these organizations.

The portal introduced centralized system of applications for citizens and 85% applications were successfully processed. About 3,062 (15%) of applications are under consideration and will be processed this year. It is important to mention that 2,159 applications (11%) were from legal bodies. About 61.3% of submissions were applications, 8.8% – proposals and 28.6% – complaints. About 85% of the users prefer to receive answers from the state bodies to their applications in electronic form. The portal also helped the huge businesses to get register via portal.

Overall, the single portal has brilliantly completed its one year and provided good services to the citizens. The single portal has planned to launch many new services. 

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