Uzbekistan Claims 71st Place on Mobile Broadband Penetration in World

The UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development published a new report “The State of Broadband 2013: Universalizing broadband”.

The report presents information on current state of broadband in the world, existing problems and ways of their solution. Affordable broadband connectivity, services and applications are essential to modern society, offering widely recognized social and economic benefits, the report said.

According to the report, Uzbekistan holds 131st place on fixed broadband penetration among 183 countries of the world. The level of fixed broadband penetration makes up 0.7 per 100 inhabitants in 2012.

Uzbekistan is on 71st place on mobile broadband penetration among 170 countries of the world. The level of mobile broadband penetration in 2012 made up 20.7% per 100 inhabitants.

According to the report, the percentage of households with internet in Uzbekistan makes up 9.6% in 2012, which is the 74th figure among 128 developing countries.

At the same time percentage of individuals using internet made up 36.5% in 2012. Uzbekistan is on 99th place among 192 countries of the world and 53rd place among 144 developing nations.


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