3G ukraine

Ukraine dashes any hopes of 3G licensing this year

Ukrainian cellcos will have to continue their long wait for a 2100MHz 3G licence auction, as the National Commission for State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR or NKRZI), has confirmed that no funds will be released this year for         the conversion of frequencies from their current military allocation to commercial usage.

The regulator said that the military had not cleared the UAH800 million (USD97 million) necessary, while no other plan for raising funds had yet been approved by the government. The allocation of 3G licensing funding was not in the state’s 2012 budget, while the private sector’s hopes for an alternative route to 2100MHz – the sale of state-run Ukrtelecom’s TriMob 3G division – also stalled earlier this year on failure to agree over pricing.

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