Ufone ShahcCar offer

20 brand new Toyota Corollas, 20 lucky Winners – Ufone ready to spread smiles, once again!

Ufone always brings the best for U and knows how to make a remarkable difference in your lives. Following the overwhelming success of ShahCar Offers, we are proud to present the next phase of the highly successful and celebrated offers, Ufone ShahCar 2013 – not just an offer but also a promise to make lives even better.

With this mega offer, 20 lucky U will get a chance to win 20 spectacular Brand New Toyota Corollas.

Such a great offer and such simple way to avail! To enter into this offer, U just need to consume a minimum balance of Rs.300 (inclusive of tax) from 7th February 2013 to 31st March 2013. This will automatically qualify U to enter in a lucky draw where 20 fortunate ones will become proud owners of 20 Shiny New Toyota Corollas. Each time U consume Rs.300 U get one entry, and hence multiple entries, higher the probability to win. Offer is valid for all new and existing Ufone customers.

Terms & Conditions:

[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] This offer is valid from 7th February 2013 to 31st March 2013; however, this offer may be amended or terminated earlier at the sole discretion of PTML in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (2009) and any amendments thereto
Usage of a minimum balance of Rs. 300, inclusive of taxes within the stated time period shall render the subscriber eligible to participate in this offer.
Each usage of Rs. 300 (inclusive of taxes) will be counted as one/single (1) entry and multiple entries are allowed
Ufone assumes no responsibility for and will disqualify entries that are late.
The winners shall be notified by Ufone Contact Center representative via phone calls made from 333 CLI to their subscriber number. No messages will be left on answering machines or voicemail systems. The name and initials, or name of the organization of the winners may be announced by newspaper ads, via SMS, TV, radio, website, or any other media
The Winner shall only be contacted by Ufone via 333, and any call from any other number whatsoever declaring the subscriber a winner should be considered as Spam and Ufone bears no responsibility for any such calls;
The winner under this offer shall not be required to transfer any balance or perform any activity such as Ushare, any call or SMS (“communication”) informing a subscriber that he/she is the winner and demanding a balance transfer or Ushare should only be considered as Spam and should not be complied with. Ufone shall not be responsible for any such compliance or any losses sustained by the subscriber as a result of compliance with any such communication by the subscriber

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