Ufone Selfcare,keep track of your mobile usage.

Ufone has this self-care portal up for long, that gives nearly all types of facilities that area unit needed to keep up and operate a postpaid or prepaid subscription.

If U have an Android phone, worry to calculate your phone expenses is over. Just SMS ‘sub’ to 5403 and get a link to download the Ufone Self Care app. If U are a prepaid customer, by using the Ufone Self Care App, U can view the summary of your call, SMS and Mobile Internet charges of the last seven days, while Postpay customers can access the same information and their billing history as per their billing cycle.

So download Ufone Self Care Application and help yourself with complete knowledge about your credit.
By mistreatment the Ufone Self Care App, Ufone users will read the outline of your decision, SMS and Mobile net charges of the last seven days, whereas Postpay customers will access identical info and their asking history as per their asking cycle.


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