Ufone Attempts To Revolutionize the Use of Mobile Internet

For the first time in Pakistan, Ufone has made such an offer that all of its customers will be charged for only the first 1 MB of the mobile internet consumed, after which the mobile internet will be totally free for the entire day! This offer is specially meant for all the prepaid customers and not of any specific region but all across the country. Moreover, the subscription and extra charges do not exist at all, thus it will enable the user to surf the internet at any place and any time. With this offer, the company is expecting its customers from all across the country to find the use of internet more convenient and economical as compared to what it was in the past.

The following are the terms and conditions to be followed in order to avail this opportunity:

• For all Postpay and Uth Pack customers, the offer is not valid.
• Rs. 20 will be charged for initial 1MB consumed.
• Customers who are already subscribed to mobile internet packages cannot avail this opportunity.
• The offer is not valid for time based pay-as-you-go customers.
• The offer is valid from the consumption of the initial 1MB till 12:00 at night.
• Terms & Conditions apply.

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