Ucell subscribers available internet service in roaming


GPRS-roaming – this is a service, which allows Ucell subscribers, present in the roaming, to use mobile Internet. The user will have access to Internet resources, can find out latest news, can communicate with relatives and friends, conduct business correspondence. All of these can be accomplished while away from domestic network.

How to set up “GPRS-roaming” service

To use GPRS-roaming service, it is not required to make any additional changes in the settings. The subscriber may use this service on the basis of GPRS configurations, which were activated in home network. The only thing, which is required from the subscriber is to activate international roaming service before leaving Uzbekistan.
Coverage areas of GPRS-roaming.

The list of counties and operators, in the coverage area of GPRS-roaming service is constantly increasing.

To know about the list of operators and countries click on given source below.


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