Ucell Starts Uzbekistan’s First MultiSIM Service

First time in Uzbekistan MultiSIM service is now available for Ucell customers.

MultiSIM service is nano SIM-card with a set of adapter housings that can make it a size that requires your device, without circumcision / SIM-card. Thus, using a split housing MultiSIM, you can choose your desired format SIM cards: classic (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF) and nano SIM (4FF) and use it in different devices.

Package Price connection with the service MultiSIM sum is 2000 (the cost of connection) + $ 0.90 (cost of service MultiSIM).

Cost of SIM-card Ucell on SIM-card with MultiSIM service is $ 1.

The service is available for subscribers of prepaid service system (Prepaid).

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