Ucell offers “All In One”

ucell offer by decreasing the activation and subscription fee for “All in One!” service. From 30th January, 2013, for just 10 cents a day you can use mobile versions of popular social networking sites without traffic limits.

The service gives unlimited access to mobile versions of following internet resources for just $0.12 per day:

Active the service and use mobile versions of social networks without worrying about spent traffic.


Terms of service:
[list style=”unordered” type=”type1″] The service works with mobile phone’s native browser only. Note! When using 3rd party apps for browsing (like Opera Mini), or accessing Facebook via special apps, or when accessing from your PC, Ucell does not guarantee the free traffic for above mentioned URLs.
Service is available only for Prepaid subscribers;
The service is not available in international roaming;
Most mobile phones open browsers with specified home-pages, which is predefined in settings of the phone. To avoid generating extra traffic while using the service, it is recommended that you delete the homepage in your phone settings;
First subscription fee is charged from the balance after 00:01 the next day after activation of the service. If the balance of subscriber is less than $0.12 at the moment of provision of subscription fee, “All in one!” service will not be available. Service will be active after 00:01 next day after charging the subscription fee;
Traffic generated during the authorization to social networks, is not covered by the service and will be tariffed in accordance with tariff plan of the subscriber;
Service does not cover counters and ads placed on above mentioned resources, as well as photos, videos, games and other media which is a content of other website or internet-resource;

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