Ucell launches Daily internet packages

Daily Max internet-packages
From 05.12.2012 till 15.01.2013, you can choose the necessary volume of traffic for your daily needs and start using daily internet-packages Max. The main feature of daily packages is that, all unused traffic will be saved and added to next day’s traffic. Using daily Max-packages, you can save up to 5 times more money.


Daily Max 2

[list style=”unordered” type=”type2″] Package Daily fee:$0.05
Daily traffic volume:2 MB
Package activation USSD command: *666*1*1#

Daily Мах 5

[list style=”unordered” type=”type2″] Package Daily fee$0.10
Daily traffic volume:5 MB
Package activation USSD command *666*2*1#

To check the remainder of traffic, dial *666*4#.

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