Ucell Increases Number of Basic Stations

Mobile communication operator Ucell additionally installed more than 150 base stations in Uzbekistan from the beginning of 2013 to improve quality of its services.

Half of base stations installed in Tashkent city and Tashkent region were 3G stations, according to the operator. It testifies priority of quality and accessible mobile internet.

The operator also improved the quality of services in the regions of Uzbekistan. In the first six months of 2013 the number of new base stations was increased by 3.2%. Taking into account increasing of subscribers demand for mobile Internet, the number of base stations supporting 3G in the regions of Uzbekistan was increased by 6.9%.


“Uzbekistan is a country with a developed industrial infrastructure and high business activity, so the quality of cellular communication should be at an appropriate level. Improvement of the networks quality is provided not only in the capital city but in all regions of our Republic. High quality communication in our understanding includes dial out the first try and talk without being disturbed. For this purpose we keep statistics about how many subscribers’ calls in the network are disturbed to work more targeted. Monitoring and calls of subscribers to Ucell Call Centers can help to measure the quality of cellular communication according to particular numbers,”said Ucell ICT Director, Mr. Arslan Gurkan about installed new base stations.

Source: uzdaily

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