Ucell Announces Launch HSPA+ Technology in Uzbekistan

Mobile communication operator Ucell launched HSPA+ technology in Uzbekistan on 31 July 2013, which allows using mobile data transfer services at the speed of 43 Mbps.

Umida Ziyamova, Ucell Corporate Communications Specialist, said that the subscribers of Ucell received opportunity to be first in Uzbekistan to experience advantages of HSPA+ technology.

She noted that the Ucell regularly works on expanding its 3G network and installs additional capacities to its basic stations. She said that the operator installed 150 additional basic stations in the past period of 2013.

Shavkat Huseynov, manager of Ucell on development of additional service, said that HSPA+ technology supports data transfer speed up to 42 Mbps.


He said that the company launched this technology at 42 points in Tashkent and seven points in Samarkand, as well as 1-2 points in large Uzbek cities. He said that the operator plans to launch HSPA+ technology in all large regional centers.

According to him, over 1 million subscribers of Ucell use internet a day and generate about 7 terabytes of data a day. At the same time, 70% of traffic fell to share of 3G technology.

Shavkat Huseynov added that Ucell wil start sales of new USB-modems, which support HSPA+ technology, from 1 August 2013. The operator will offer new package Modem Turbo+ to its users for US$55.

In line with data of Ucell, currently it works on optimization and expansion of the capacity of its network. Currently, it is planned to expand external internal channel at least by 20%.

Currently over 250 operators in 120 countries operate HSPA+ technology. Over 1 billion people use this technology. According to forecast, the figure will reach 2.5 billion people in 2015. 

Source: uzDaily


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