Uber Pakistan Introduces New Facilities for Drivers

Uber Pakistan Introduces New Facilities for Drivers

A ride-hailing service Uber Pakistan, has announced some new features to facilitate drivers including driver feedback. The other new features includes arrival destination and time, long trip notification and paid waiting time among others. Uber Pakistan Introduces New Facilities for Drivers

The long trip notification feature will help drivers to manage their time. It will enables them to accept rides without disturbing their routine. By this feature, driver will receive notification if a trip is estimated to be 60 minutes or longer.

Another new feature that iss paid waiting time, drivers will get paidd if the riders make them wait beyond the defined grace period.

Uber Pakistan Introduces New Facilities for Drivers

The new feature arrival destination and time will let drivers to agreed their ideal arrival destination and time. This will help them while accepting a trip, they can still get where they need to be while dropping a rider off on the way.

Furthermore, drivers can also share their location and trip status with friends and family through driver share trip feature. By using this feature driver safety has been improve. The driver can start and stop sharing their trip status at any time.

Uber Pakistan General Manager Safee Shah said:

These features will result in more flexibility for drivers, create a stress-free experience, and build safety through our technology.

According to him, drivers can pick to partner with Uber for the part-time. It will be flexible work opportunity for them. Drivers can fit this work around their lifestyle while adding to their family’s income.

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