CACF offers the real-world and practical training services for professionals. Our mobile broadband Training gives the boost to our client’s professional career. We have conducted successful training sessions in collaboration with WWA University, USA and QUALCOMM INC, USA, albeit at a much subsidized fee for the benefit of regional operators and engineers.

CACF and GSMA have collaborated team to deliver GSMA course content in several countries across the region. The objective of the program is to help policymakers, regulators and other mobile eco-system stakeholders keep pace with the latest industry developments through training courses that highlight examples of policy and regulatory best practice from around the world. Details of the training program are available on the CACF training services section or GSMA Capacity Building Program website.

We feel honored that our professional team also conducts training sessions in other countries and has undertaken useful training programs in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Thailand, Morocco, South Africa, Jordon, Indonesia and Tajikistan. In other African and the Middle Eastern countries, our enthusiastic team has worked and assisted in knowledge transfer with leading telecom operators and academic institutions. Apart from routine training programs that are open to all telecom professionals, we have also expertise in offering customized training sessions exclusive for operators, regulators and business professionals.