Move towards your next adventure by receiving high quality 5G trainings. We have most experienced and highly skilled trainers in the industry providing the deep industry experience to the participants.

As the 5G revolution continues to expand around the world, CACF teamed up with Qualcomm Wireless Academy to offer 5G training for university students and professionals across Asia to develop the understanding of 5G technology.

Free 5G Trainings for Students:

Currently, we are offering three 5G courses for students free of cost. Through the program offered by CACF and QWA, students can choose to enroll in either a beginner, intermediate, or advanced 5G training course, depending on their skill level. Receiving 5G training will give students a leg up when they graduate and enter a workforce that needs talented engineers.

CACF and QWA are offering the following three free courses for students.

  1. 5G Primer: If you are business or engineering students without 5G experience, then this course is for you which offers a two-hour overview.
  2. Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G:  If you are looking for something more in-depth, then this course is for you offering six-hours overview of 5G and wireless communication.

5G Trainings for Professionals:

Through the program offered by CACF and QWA, business professionals and engineers can get high quality trainings to build specialized knowledge of 5G technology. For more information about CACF and how you can get involved with this or other programs, please email

Proven Quality Trainings:

In past, our professional experts have been conducting successful training in collaboration with GSMA Capacity Building, and Qualcomm Inc., which helps in better mobile broadband understanding. Our trainers ensure professional growth of our clients. CACF have been conducting capacity building sessions in various countries which have assisted policymakers, mobile stakeholders & regulators in successfully coping with the growing market requirements.