Touch Launches Commercial LTE

Lebanese state-owned mobile operator Touch, managed by Kuwait’s Zain Group, has joined its sole rival Alfa in launching a commercial 4G LTE mobile broadband network with initial coverage extending to main areas of Beirut, plus Dora, Joedideh and Amarat Chalhoub.

Touch claims that its LTE signal reaches 80% of the capital and will be expanded to the entire city this year, ahead of rollouts to other areas of Lebanon in 2014. At launch, Touch is offering post- and pre-paid data-only SIM card services with a choice of two USB dongle modems or two routers including a personal Wi-Fi (‘MyFi’) option. 3G coverage is available to subscribers automatically outside of 4G zones. Data plans, including a new 40GB monthly tariff (USD149) are similar to rival Alfa’s newLTE network, also launched within the last week.

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