TOT’s 3G/4G Plans Crawl Towards Parental Approval

TOT’s delayed second-phase 3G investment plan is approved by its board, leaving it needing permission from the ICT ministry and the cabinet before proceeding.

TOT plans to roll out a total of 5,200 3G W-CDMA/HSPA base stations nationwide by November 2012 – 4,250 by October – under an overall THB30 billion (USD970 million) expansion programme, while extending coverage through infrastructure sharing with private operators, to reach an eventual total of 12,000 3G base stations across the country serving 80% of the Thai population.

The telco’s board simultaneously approved a plan to utilize its existing 2300MHz frequencies for 4G mobile trials by the end of this year, although it needs regulatory and state approval for the plan too.

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