TIM introduces LTE in Genoa, Trento, Padua, Palermo

Vodafone comes after the announcement of TIM, which now extends the connectivity Ultra Internet 4G LTE 6 other Italian cities after the main four, bringing the total to 10: Rome , Milan , Naples , Turin , Ancona , Brindisi , Catanzaro , Genoa , Padua and Trento .

TIM – Italy’s largest cellco by subscribers – inaugurated its LTE network on 7 November, covering Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples.
The offer 4G expands more and more, all three Italian operators involved in the operation are pushing the accelerator to act as pioneers of the new 4G LTE connectivity. Only 3 Italy seems a little late on this initial switch-on, but we will be happy to change my mind as soon as we arrive about updates.

The 4G network is said to offer end-users data connections of up to 100Mbps/50Mbps .

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