Thuraya Now Launches Dual-mode Mobile M2M Solution

Thuraya Now Launches Dual-mode Mobile M2M Solution

According to the Thuraya telecommunications company it has announced the launch of its Thuraya Tracking and Monitoring (T2M) service in conjunction with the launch of the first product release of the year. Thuraya Now Launches Dual-mode Mobile M2M Solution.

Recently a mobile dual-mode device for superior machine to machine (M2M) communications and remote asset tracking and monitoring. The T2M-DUAL enables the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points including location information, data from external sensors and peripheral devices and input gathered from vehicle or heavy equipment CANBus.

Thuraya Now Launches Dual-mode Mobile M2M Solution

The T2M-DUAL’s robust system and inter-operability render it a top class solution for widespread projects in sectors like transportation, logistics, energy, utilities, agriculture and mining. The solution brings unprecedented ease of integration to applications that are traditionally more complex to manage and monitor. Such as vehicle tracking and fuel consumption, thereby resulting in operational efficiency.

The new solution allows for the integration of any third party applications and has several built in smart features such as geo fencing, network selection based on least cost routing, internal battery backup and location and sensor data.

With dual mode capabilities, T2M-DUAL ensures that connectivity is automatically maintained as assets move between regions covered by GSM and those that lie beyond the confines of cellular networks under the strong and secure coverage of Thuraya’s satellite network.

T2M-DUAL solution is designed to support on-the-move M2M/IoT applications seamlessly on Satellite and GSM networks, allowing for optimized connectivity based on the best available network, which ensures unrivalled total cost of ownership. The terminal is robust and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya, Rashid Baba Said :

Industries and businesses are constantly looking for solutions that give them a competitive advantage with lower risks, higher automation and cost-saving potential. As more players enter sectors like logistics and transportation, for example, the monitoring of remote assets on the move by managers increase opportunities for faster decision making, deployments, worker safety and operational efficiency.

Further that Thuraya’s resilient network and IoT services already have a strong foothold across verticals that require high-security connectivity for remote, mission-critical operations. Although the T2M-DUAL solution caters to these sectors evolving needs and we are confident that it’s well-placed to meet the market demands.

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