The Secret Behind Hacking and How it Really Works

Take this article as a source of knowledge only. It is your own responsibility to not use it unethically or break any cyber law since that you will be doing at your own risk and you could end up in prison as well. So, as “Technopreneurs” most of the frequent questions regarding hacking we have been asked on daily basis include: How to hack into a Facebook account, How to hack into a Wifi connection, How to hack into a bank Account, How to hack into a Google Account and What OS to be used for hacking etc. The Secret Behind Hacking and How it Really Works.

The Secret Behind Hacking and How it Really Works

So basically hacking refers an unauthorized access to a system, network or files without the knowledge of the person who owns them.  If you want to crack into someone’s Gmail, Facebook, or any other social media account, you can use several techniques but the most commonly used technique is Phishing. Phishing is a method where you trick the other person somehow and redirect it to your own link. So you have to send an email or SMS to the victim and persuade him/her to login via the cloned web page made by you. And you also have to make sure you code the web page in a way that the password won’t be encrypted, and will easily be saved in your SQL database. But this should be kept in mind that there is NO SILVER BULLET that works under all circumstances. Obviously, the good folks at Facebook have taken precautions to make certain that their app is not hacked, but if we are creative, persistent, and ingenious, we can still get in.

Thus a very basic prevention of these phishing attacks would be for you to be aware of the fake pages and always look at the URL before logging into any of your email or social media accounts.

Hacking WiFi:

First you have to determine what kind of password encryption is used for the Wifi: WEP or WPA2 or WPS, nowadays WPS is the encryption system that is generally used by all Pakistani internet service providers on their routers. Simply, you will need Kali Linux OS and a pair of network adapters. Make sure the adapters are with Aircrack-ng. Aircrack-ng is the tool use to crack Wi-Fi password. Download Wifiphisher to your kali OS, and there is a need for some other combination of tools. So you download Wifiphisher, navigate to the directory that Wifiphisher created when it was unpacked, run the script and send your attack to get the password you intend to hack into.

Hacking into a bank account:

I don’t know why some people want to know this but it is the most frequently asked question. Well, different banks have got different network infrastructure. They have their own tools and techniques in defending themselves. So footprinting is the first process. Footprinting is a process where you will gather information on the system and infrastructure. Different hackers use different techniques in breaching bank system.

If you ask me how hackers do it, I would say they write a malware program and keylogger and connect their computer with banks Wi-Fi and get access to one of the PC in the bank and send the malware through remote backdoor. (Remote Application in your PC now will ask permission to connect, but there are other remote tools to connect without their own knowledge)

Once their malware and keylogger is successfully installed on banks computer, it’s very easy for a hacker to work after that. Keylogger can be useful to track the computer, the webcam, the keyboard, even the screen, and all the username, email and password typed in the computer and easily viewable to hacker by the keylogger.

Malware will do its job depending on how they programmed it. Maybe hackers program a malware to infect other devices on the network.

So basically this is how breaching the bank system works.

It is advised to use this knowledge for something constructive rather than using it for some unethical hacking 

How to Prepare yourselves to be a hacker:

Computer Hacking is a Science as well as an Art. Like any other expertise, you need to put a lot of effort in order to acquire knowledge and become an expert hacker. Once you are on the track, you would need more effort to keep up-to-date with latest technologies, new vulnerabilities and exploitation techniques. Knowledge about the operating systems and networking should be good enough for the beginners.

Operating System needed:

-Kali Linux (most hacking activity happens here)

-Whonix (you can be completely anonymous here)

-Windows 7 (We won’t recommend windows 10)

So if you are willing to learn or gain knowledge in detail, you need to take up networking and information system courses available online and learn about the tools that assist you in cracking passwords and sniff the packets. We feel the need to repeat again, use these skills for preventative purposes rather than giving any harm to the cyber word.

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