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The Magic of Snap Camera Now on Desktop

Snapchat has recently rolled out a Snap Camera. It is a desktop app which can be used to add Snapchat lenses to content that is filmed with a webcam. This is a very good feature for YouTubers, who will now be able to use Snapchat filters. Snap Camera has been made in collaboration with Twitch. So now one can enjoy the Magic of Snap Camera on Desktop.

Snap Camera Brings Snapchat Filters to Desktop

It is intended to add various adaptive effects to the subject of streams or vlogs. The creators have the ability to choose among the thousands of lenses to add some extra beauty and dimensions to their work. Even though you can search for lenses using keywords. Furthermore, you can save them to your favourites or browse the lenses you’ve used most recently in a dedicated tab.

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Snapchat continuously offers amusing filters to keep the users engaged and provides them with more reasons for entertainment. For the users, it has also added all sorts of AR Lenses. A few days back, Snapchat introduced Cat Lenses for both Android and iOS users so that you can take funny pictures of their pets as well.

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