The Last “Bakcell Weeks” Campaign Will Be Launched At Portal

Bakcell subscribers who use the services of online service portal will earn additional bonuses.

From 18th November 2013, the sixth and last “Bakcell Weeks” campaign will be launched on portal.

Starting from the above mentioned day, users who register at the portal will earn 200 bonus points for every 1 AZN during transactions up to 10 AZN, related to Bakcell services. 

Transactions from 10 to 20 AZN will bring the users 300 bonus points for every 1 AZN; and payments above 20 AZN will bring 400 bonus points for every 1 AZN.

With these bonus points, Bakcell subscribers will be able to purchase special gifts at the auctions of

During the campaign, various gifts will be offered for sale at auctions of In order to participate in an auction, the users should register at portal and collect at least 20 thousand points.

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