Telstra to expand LTE coverage

Telstra is an Australian telecommunication carrier which is planning to expand is LTE coverage. The investment will see LTE coverage spread across all capital cities over the next ten months.

The first new 4G sites are to be launched in Bondi and in the North Shore rail tunnel in Sydney immediately.

Telstra currently offers 4G coverage in more than 100 metropolitan and regional locations across the nation including all capital CBDs. The network expansion will see more than 1,000 new LTE base stations installed by mid 2013 and when all new sites are live, Telstra’s 4G service will reach approximately 66 percent of the Australian population, up from 40 percent today.

According to Telstra Australians are now using more than 340,000 Telstra 4G mobile broadband devices and more than 160,000 4G smartphones to connect.

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